Because We Can

Because We Can from Matthew Borgatti on Vimeo.

A sample of the incredible work of Because We Can

1. IMG_6195.JPG, 2. IMG_5942.JPG, 3. IMG_5933.JPG, 4. IMG_5908.JPG, 5. IMG_5891.JPG, 6. IMG_5730.JPG, 7. IMG_5608.JPG, 8. IMG_5313.JPG, 9. IMG_4934.JPG, 10. IMG_2623.JPG, 11. IMG_2880.jpg, 12. IMG_4880.JPG, 13. IMG_4407.JPG, 14. IMG_3847.jpg, 15. IMG_0862.jpg, 16. IMG_3034, 17. IMG_3022, 18. IMG_2309, 19. IMG_2776, 20. IMG_2774, 21. IMG_5947.JPG, 22. IMG_2780, 23. IMG_2352.JPG, 24. IMG_0848.jpg

Welcome to the first episode of Brainchild. Here we are with Jillian Northrup & Jeffrey McGrew of Because We Can. They use ShopBot CNC router to fabricate incredible furniture that they custom design. Special thanks go out to Dan Paladin for the intro music, and Star StGermain for moral support.


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